Planning Your Fishing Trip

Young man fishing in open sea from sail boat

Fishing is complicated is a high-risk, high reward water sports activity. The worst-case scenario should be that you don’t get any fish and return safely on land. Let’s look at the aspects that would optimize your chances of catching any fish. If you track all fish that you land, then you are in a better position of catching big fish whenever you go on a fishing trip anywhere in the world. Don’t let these hold you back, but if you use tracking information correctly, you can catch more fish and become more efficient.

The Rod Reel

The most important among these is to set up your rod reels properly. Picking a reel depends on what type of fish you want to target. A short rod is meant for accuracy & a long rod is made for a distant casting. A short rod of 6.6 ft is excellent using light lures, but a 7.2 ft to 7.6 ft is a great all-around rod size. 8 ft plus is for top waters & large baits.

The Line

There are so many options with line. If the rod is 3-5 kg, then make sure that the line you upload on the rod is of lower capacity, i.e. below 5 kg, because you want the line to break before the rod breaks. You choose the length of your line that, might be a few hundred metres.

When is the best time to go fishing?

The best time is when you can, but you can increase your odds of catching fish by utilizing a great tool free for all anglers worldwide. First, we will look at the main parameters that may guarantee to catch fish safely.


The most crucial one is the weather. It’s essential to see what the meteorological services predicted for that day. If you want to fish safely, you need to respect mother nature.


Rising pressure is the best time to fish. The reason is that fish senses air pressure through their air bladder. So the rise in pressure increases your odds of catching fish.

UV Protection.

You want to make sure that you are wearing the right gear that keeps you protected during your fishing activities. Else you can get sunburnt very quickly.

Water Temperature

Water temperature is an essential factor to consider when fishing. The optimum is 70 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.


High waves can make things difficult, So you must always turn away from this condition and find a dishing ground that does not have many waves, especially when fishing in large water bodies. The amplitude of the tides is vital because they tell you the strength of the current.

If you give consideration to everything discussed above, you can have a charming fishing tour for your vacation and a pretty good catch to enjoy with your friends and family.

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