5 Best Fishing Tours and Charters in Africa

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Fishing as a recreational activity gets much love and appreciation from most people. However, only a few courageous veterans dare to sail in the high tides. Various tours and charters are operating in Africa to make big game fishing accessible and safe.

Each tour offers a list of activities and follows customized schedules to make the most of your available time. As a result, the travel packages change prices with destinations. So, it is crucial to gather some information about the charters beforehand.

This article provides information about the best fishing tours and charter destinations in Africa.

  1. Mauritius

The tropical island of Mauritius is an ideal fishing location, enriched with natural attractions and water sports. The destination hosts exotic marine life and provides good catches at any time of the year.

The climate plays a vital role in fishing. The winter feels warm and dry, starting the first half of the year till November. The remaining days are summer, and the island gets hot and humid.

In winter, schools of skipjack tuna, dogtooth, Dorado, sailfish, hammerheads, etc., get quite active. If the expedition starts in early March and April, there is a high likelihood of landing on the yellow fin tuna.

Each year, Mauritius big game fishing attracts a range of expert anglers to catch for the next world record. The recent one was a blue marlin- weighing 1375 lbs. The blue and black marlin are among the primary attractions of Mauritius. These are available in the summer, after November till March.

2. Kenya and Tanzania

Kenyan and Tanzania are neighbouring areas in the eastern part of Africa with a natural affinity for in-shore fishing. The water body houses King Mackerel, Yellow spot, Amberjack, baitfish, Bonito, Trevally, Rainbow runner, and Barracuda-like fishes.

Furthermore, it is another destination for Yellow fin tuna and billfish. On a good day, you’ll be looking at sailfish, swordfish, spearfish, striped marlin, blue marlin, and striped marlin, along with some sharks.

3. Western Cape

The western part of the cape is famous for its freshwater fishing. The major varieties include carp, rainbow trout, Mozambique tilapia, and bass. The nearby freshwater streams merge with the Western Cape waters, revealing a variety of fish you can catch from the yacht.

There are a few specialized locations along the shores. False Bay has a wide range of tuna fish. Kommetjie has white Steenbras, stumpnose and albacore, and Hout bay adds snoek and crayfish. Rooikrans is famous for its Hottentot and Kob fish. Black marlin, sand sharks, and broadbill are popular in the Langebaan region.

4. Mazeppa Bay

Mazeppa bay is another fishing destination in Eastern Cape. Similar to the previous ones, this destination has a high yield of big catches, most of which will range over 200kg.

It is a prime destination for Grey sharks (350kg), Ragged Tooth sharks (also 350kg), hammerheads, and Mako sharks. In addition, Mazeppa has an iconic range of rays, including the Stingray, Thorntail, Eagle, Blackray, and Spearnose ray.

However, not all of these are edible. Other fishes may not weigh so much but will surely make your day. These include the great Garrick, Kob fish, shad, Galjoen Blacktail, etc.

Pay close attention to the onboard guidance or the list of protected fish. If you make a good catch of protected species, you can take the picture, but it’ll go straight back into the waters shortly.

5. Guinea Bissau fishing

Guinea Bissau is a small fishing village forming an archipelago of 88 different islands. Although slightly underdeveloped, the prospects for fishing are quite high.

Man holding a Trevally Jack

The fish in the area contains various small species. The primary one used in sustenance fishing is Crevalle Jack. It reaches up to 20 kg and travels in groups. So, a large-scale bait is commonly used. Otolite, Rays, Blue-spotted sea bream, and pompano are all similar to the crevalle jack in size. Some are suitable as bait, while others are big and attractive for a display capture.

Big games are also lurking in the seas, including tiger sharks with a recorded catch of 700kgs. King tarpons are among the main attractions, with the top catch record of 130kgs to date.


When it comes to bid game fishing charters and exciting travel trips, nothing beats the comforts of a good fishing tour or a charter. In these, you no longer have to worry about travel routes, fishing gear, and all the preparation that goes along with it. But first, you have to decide on the travel destination as it’s the most important step. Good preparation for a fishing trip will prevent any probable mis happenings along the way. With the information provided here, you are ready to prepare for your next fishing adventure.

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