Items to Carry on a Deep Sea Fishing Charter

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We all know the story- you saved the dates, booked your flight, and are almost ready to head out on the fishing adventure of a lifetime. No matter where you are travelling to, it’s always essential to pack extra layers of clothing, especially if you are planning on fishing in open water.

Even the warmest places can experience significant temperature drops when you head offshore.

Below is a list of items you need to carry during a deep sea fishing trip:

1) Windbreaker to protect you from getting splashed

2) Shorts if you are going somewhere tropical

3) if not, long pants

4) A lightweight shirt, preferably a lighter color, to help reflect the sun away from your body

5) Gloves to protect your hands from sunburn, lousy weather and line cuts

But last but not least, you will want to pack non-skid rubber-soled shoes. Sneakers, for example, are perfect, flip flops not so much.

There are three more items that are of utmost importance:

Before you go fishing, make sure you always bring sunscreen, a hat and polarized sunglasses. It’s also a good idea to have a waterproof jacket & rain pants in case of bad weather.

Remember your medication

Hand of doctors holding many different pills

When travelling on a fishing charter, it’s always best to bring your medication. Something we recommend, especially if it’s your first time on the boat, is motion sickness medicine.

Dramamine when you take it by the directions, you get super sleepy, you get super hungry, and you almost get into a coma. It isn’t perfect. But the right way to take this drug is the night before you go to sleep & in the morning, take half a pill when you wake up with your breakfast.

Consequently, the Dramamine would be in your system and working. We don’t want to take it when it is too late, i.e. when we are already seasick. You can have half the remaining pill if you think you need it 4 hours later.

When the seasickness has gone too bad, the only solution is to get to the dry land as soon as possible. As a result, the switch turns off.

Make sure you have a no sugar or low sugar breakfast because the sugar will probably make you sick. Ginger certainly helps, and you can take tablets of ginger or extracts containing ginger.

It is also advised to not go into the cabin. A cabin is a sure way to get seasick, especially if there is no good air conditioning.

Activity is anti-seasickness

The best way not to get sick on board a fishing charter is to do something all the time. The trouble arises when you are idle & let the boat rock you back and forth. So, we need to stay active.

It’s also not a bad idea to bring some bug spray, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and any other prescription or allergy medicine you may also need.

First and foremost, ensure you have an excellent outdoor backpack, such as a hiking or fishing specialist backpack.

A collapsible cooler will help keep your food and drinks fresh and relaxed throughout the ride.

A drinking bottle will help keep you hydrated, and you will not have to worry about annoying leaks or spills.

And always make sure you pack waterproof zip lock bags for your electronics and important documents such as your passport and fishing license.

Some other items you might have to think about bringing along are a hand towel and swimsuit.

If you are a serious angler, you might consider bringing your equipment.

Finally, remember to bring your camera or smartphone so that you can record your trophy catch and make your memory last.

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